About Us


Well… It’s really your story. Yes, We create the studio environment… But, its you that makes it a success. 

With over forty-six years in the salon business – as a former salon owner, successful esthetician, and studio business owner – the founder of 5th Ave Salon Studios – decided to do the right thing.  That thing?  Create a chain of studios that are about you – the small business owner.  We provide an environment that is about you, by you, and for you – and your customers.  We give you an affordable studio lease, you bring the creativity and talent, and you keep all of your profits.

We wish you great success – with your story.

Your Opportunity

Create your own story – about you owning your own business.


5th Ave Salon Studios are in great locations.  We choose great buildings in highly populated areas to give our professionals the best environment for success!


All of the 5th Ave Salon Studios offer great common areas.  Our salon studio tenants enjoy knowing their customers will find the facilities clean, hip, and attractive.  For our salon owners, additional areas include lunch rooms and laundry facilities.  Learn more on our page covering
Our Features & Advantages


Your new 5th Ave Salon Studios neighbor’s studios are a big part of the wow factor at our studios.  We lease to a remarkably creative group of salon professionals.  Our policy encouraging personal studio design has resulted in a fabulous collection of beautiful studios.  Bring your creativity and design your own! For inspiration check our location pages for studio pics.

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